E-COMMERCE is of particularly great importance to us. In ethnic marketing, this business area is experiencing exceptionally strong growth because customers are benefiting from new online opportunities. In addition to the range of international suppliers and constant availability, our costumers appreciate overcoming language barriers in the network. Furthermore, with our online shop "HANDYGRAF", we have created a tailor-made platform with individual offers of smart phones, tariffs, and providers (for example, "Ay Yildiz"). This enables the E-COMMERCE of SIMWERT to be an ideal focal point for specific audiences.

Ethnic Distribution

As part of ETHNIC DISTRIBUTION, we merge industrial and commercial partners with consumers and customers. The ethnic market, in which we operate with our partners and for our partners, is present nationwide with a distribution network of more than 400 trading partners. Through this comprehensive structure, we are now able to achieve approximately 25,000 new customers and prospective customers with a migration background per month and are also able to meet their specific needs. For potential industrial partners, this type of ETHNIC DISTRIBUTION includes many new opportunities in an attractive growing market.

Vendor Marketing

The business division of SIMWERT is VENDOR MARKETING, which is the most optimal positioning and presentation of products in stores and shops (point of sale). Our employees, who are all specially trained merchandisers and PR strategists, are en route in Germany to place the products of our partners in the limelight. Notes, technical data, and specifications of offers are relayed competently and comprehensively by our team to the specific target groups. Thereby, we ensure optimum promotion of all products from our trade and industrial partners. We currently cooperate with "Telekom multibrand" and with "Ay Yildiz GmbH".