A rapid, stable, secure, and customized communication is the basis of our digital world in the 21st century. On this basis, we aim to provide our customers and prospective customers a wide range of products, services, and offers in mobile voice and data services.


SIMWERT GmbH was founded in 2011. Within several years, we have established ourselves as one of the major telecommunications mediator in Germany in mobile communications, which undergoes rapid change and is constantly evolving. With the help of industrial and commercial partners, our team was able to recently achieve an annual turnover of more than 2 million Euros.


One of the guarantees of success is our strict and voluntary compliance with high quality standards. For example, SIWMERT was certified in March 2016 with the strict quality management ISO:9001:2015.


In the stable and sustainable development of digital and mobile communication, SIMWERT collaborates with numerous well-known manufacturers and industrial partners throughout Europe. What distinguishes us from many other providers is the consistent use of so-called ethnic marketing. Thereby, we are deliberately taking a completely new approach.


Demographic change results in constant change in our society, which we would like to take into consideration. In ethnic marketing, offers and services are therefore specifically extended to other nationalities who have settled in Germany. This creates a win-win situation. Our ethnic customers and partners benefit from a tailored portfolio according to their needs. As a company, we gain experience through flexible and individual customer requirements. We would like to make a modest contribution to successful integration. Germany's growing number of our ethnic dealers proves us right. Telecommunications speaks many languages.


An important outcome of our transnational portfolio is the multilingual variety of products. This makes SIMWERT an ideal partner for specific or flexible offers. This enables us to respond faster and more effectively than other suppliers on present and future needs and requests. It also yourself Look forward to an uncomplicated telecommunication solution in an interesting growth market across European boundaries.