The management of SIMWERT– a look behind the scenes

The driving force behind our actions, as is the case for any business, is management. In SIMWERTs case, this is our managing director. Our management regularly reviews the market and sets further strategies based on this. The decisions made lay further foundations for the company and employees. The management of SIMWERT thus determines current goals and formulates new challenges and visions.


Since 2006, our managing director, Mr. Türker Yagmur, has held various management functions in different companies of the ethnic market. Even with the launch of several innovative start-up companies, Mr. Yagmur has demonstrated reliability and good instinct. Therefore, our management can now rely on theoretical and practical experience of over 10 years in this area.


From the very beginning, the 2011 grounded company SIMWERT got off to a very good start. Through the extraordinary concept of Europe-wide telecommunications, market acceptance was large from day one and the turnover was able to be continuously increased. This was primarily made possible as the management of SIMWERT quickly realized that mobile communication is a basic requirement for a unified Europe. Thereby, in addition to a nationwide presence, SIMWERT particularly sets individual and innovative solutions, which are orientated to the needs and characteristics of different target groups.


Many successful start-up companies with fresh ideas have a distinctive slogan or company motto. The management would thereby elucidate the direction of the company to partners, customers, and interested parties. Employees can also identify with these slogans. "Be a pioneer, be brave, be different" are the words that encapsulate SIMWERTs vision.