Code of Behavior

In SIMWERT, we successfully meet various needs, nationalities, and religions in front of and behind the scenes. Therefore, a harmonious and respectful interaction with one another is particularly important. Resentment regarding race, gender, age, ethnic origin, or political beliefs is foreign to us. Instead, we have transformed such features into a competitive advantage for us. SIMWERT benefits from this colourful diversity as it is able to convey insights and solutions for our target groups.

Values and Principles

From day one, our most important principles were inscribed on our banner. These requirements determine the measure and aim of SIMWERT in daily life.




The simple provision of communication solutions does not suffice for us. Therefore, we strongly focus on the needs, suggestions, and demands of our customers. Based on these various forms of information, we are able to provide individual and innovative offers with flexible solutions. Fixed off-the-shelf offers, without flexibility, creativity, and freedom will be left to our competitors.


Because we set our individual demands particularly high, we only collaborate with the best in the industry. Ultimately, the quality can only be as good for the customer, such as network operators and brand manufacturers who acts on its behalf.


Our quality requirements are rounded off by extensive expertise in the fields of marketing, sales, logistics, and service. Minimum delivery times, short communication channels, and rapid response are the premises of our actions.

Our Responsibility

The third pillar of our company is the responsibility we bear as a telecommunications provider. The smallest essence thereby is our pool of employees. Therefore, we pay attention to respectful interaction and a considerate corporate culture on a daily basis with one another. Simultaneously, at SIMWERT we are always open to new or different perspectives and influences that are compatible with this concept. As we have internalized a respectful openness within SIMWERT, our customers, interested parties, and partners should not expect anything less from us.


In terms of accountability, we also always look beyond the bigger picture of telecommunications. Our environmentally-friendly and sustainable mode of practice begins with environmental measures within the company itself and ranges in our rooms from electricity providers to thermal insulation. In the selection of network operators and trading partners, environmental factors are a deciding factor. This makes us one of the few European companies that has, in addition to individual and cultural diversity, a particularly green conscience.