Social commitment is our means of communicating

For SIMWERT, social commitment is a unanimously need and challenge. We simultaneously follow administrative and very practical approaches, as the basic idea of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is more than just a theory.


Within SIMWERT, we place great importance in the manner in which we generate our revenues. We do not measure our economic success solely on figures and balances. Our definition of success includes sustainable, eco-friendly, fair, and social aspects. Implementation of all possible options in these areas in our services and solutions is, therefore, far more significant for SIMWERT than for other vendors. In parallel, we also expect this mode of thinking among our employees, suppliers, and partners. As we have intensively focused on CSR since our establishment in 2011, we have rapidly recognized the potential that this forward-orientated strategy holds.


Social commitment also means a fast, non-bureaucratic, and practical aid in telecommunications at the grassroots level. Many immigrants and resettlers are separated from their families in their home country or are completely disoriented in Germany. We see a particularly strong need for action in such cases. Therefore, SIMWERT has launched a very special social (and acclaimed) campaign at the end of 2015. In cooperation with the Federal Network Agency, thousands of SIM cards with a prepaid credit of 15 Euros were distributed in Berlin, Brandenburg, and North Rhine Westphalia. For this social commitment to develop to a maximum benefit, the CallYa cards were given only to refugees that had a good prospect of residing in Germany.


Under this aspect, the unexpected large numbers of refugees who have come at the end of 2015 have placed us with some special challenges. For example, this resulted in a number of logistical hurdles that had to be overcome. SIMWERT also grew along with their tasks and we were able to overcome all difficulties in our free distribution campaign. In the end, we were able to provide many refugees a small piece of confidence, tackling their fear, and enabling the start into a new life a little easier. There is hardly any better way of demonstrating one’s social commitment. In the future, we will always base our actions on the requirements of target groups and the concept of ethnic marketing.