Our social responsibility: theoretically and practically

In SIMWERT, social responsibility not only indicates a simple and sustainable integration of ethnic target groups. We have therefore voluntarily committed ourselves to further commitment in the social field. The most important criteria are compliance (compliant behavior) and corporate social responsiblity.


Every business relationship and collaboration with partners and customers is based on trust and honesty. These entrepreneurial rules are followed by SIMWERT. In addition to existing conditions, the changing characteristics of the market remain in our view. With various internal analysis and control systems, we ensure that our legally compliant work and its management are always both current and transparent.


Furthermore, we endeavor to expand our daily activities to additional responsibilities. In doing so, we are able to repeatedly synchronize the corporate culture of SIMWERT with our corporate philosophy. We are also convinced that a respectful, honest, and trustful relationship improves any business relationship and enhances the reputation of all involved.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Given that corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a component of our policies, we are able to provide a particular quality of expression to our social, cultural, and environmental concepts and concerns. Ethnic marketing can be particularly compatible with the concept of social needs. The various interests are voluntarily integrated in CSR in the work of SIMWERT. As a result, our special corporate concept can be transferred to our customers, suppliers, and employees, which, in turn, internalize ethnic marketing.


A very practical example of the social commitment of SIMWERT is the distribution of free SIM cards to refugees. We distributed thousands of prepaid cards with a value of 15 Euros each to refugees with prospects of residency in Berlin. This was performed in cooperation with various societies and charities.


By this, we have demonstrated that social responsibility at various levels in SIMWERT is not just an empty phrase. We are not only talking of communication, integration, and ethnic marketing; we are filling these values with life and practical value.